What to Look for When Choosing a Salon in Davie Florida?

Whether you are new to the area or a lifelong resident seeking a change, the task of finding a new hair salon in Davie, Florida can sound daunting. With polls indicating that nearly half of all Americans have experienced a self-proclaimed “bad haircut” at least once in their lives, changing stylists is certainly a valid concern. Unlike an unflattering pair of jeans, you can’t simply return a haircut if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Instead of taking a gamble on the first hair salon in Florida with an open appointment, consider these helpful tips for choosing the right salon:


Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are an invaluable tool for consumers. While they are most popular when it comes to shopping for products, they can prove to be even more helpful when it comes to deciding on local, service-based businesses. According to studies conducted in 2017, 84% of people indicate that they trust the opinions expressed in these reviews as much as they trust the opinions of their close friends. This staggering statistic shows just how powerful these reviews can be in your search for the best salon in Davie, Florida.

Inquire About Experience

While it’s true that everyone must start somewhere, that somewhere does not have to be on your head. A new stylist may eventually be a star in the industry, but more often than not, it isn’t worth the risk. Instead, aim for an experienced stylist with several years of documented experience. Not only will the stylist be more experienced with colors, cuts and styles, he or she will also be more skilled in communicating with you and understanding what you are looking for.

View Portfolios

Any upscale salon will be prepared with stylist portfolios. Before committing to an appointment, ask to view samples of several stylists’ work. You will likely notice differences, however subtle, that may steer you in one direction or another. This is especially important if you are seeking a major transformation. For instance, if you are looking to go from natural mahogany brown hair to platinum blonde, it is important to know what to expect. Seeing examples of these drastic changes prior to scheduling an appointment can prevent unwanted results.

Explore the Environment

From luxurious accommodations to the bare essentials, hair salons can have drastically different environments. You may feel more comfortable in a laid-back establishment or you may want all the bells and whistles. In either case, however, the salon should be clean and well-organized. An unclean or disorganized environment may indicate that proper hygiene and sanitation requirements are not being followed. If a hair salon is not following these protocols, it could jeopardize your health.

Once you have narrowed down a list of potential hair salons in Davie, Florida, be sure to schedule a consultation. During this initial meeting, you can get a feel for the stylist as well as the environment without committing to a dramatic style change or pricey service. From there, you can assess your level of comfort before proceeding with an actual appointment. If you are seeking a new hair salon, South Florida residents can contact us today at (954) 543 0758 to schedule a consultation.


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