Shine Like a Star with These Celebrity Hairstyles

From magazine covers to television shows and social media, photos of celebrities are everywhere. These fashion-savvy stars always seem to have the best of everything. With luxurious mansions and designer clothes, most of us can only daydream about living a celebrity lifestyle. While the million-dollar homes and runway fashion styles may be out of reach for most, you can certainly give your hair the A-list treatment. Although world class stylists are often responsible for our favorite stars’ glamorous locks, you can achieve these same styles for a fraction of the cost right here in a Davie hair salon.

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Best known for her roles as a comedic female lead, Sandra Bullock has a signature hair style which is simple yet sophisticated. Bullock prefers to keep the length of her hair long yet freshly trimmed. To add a unique twist, she keeps her locks a dark chocolate brown and accentuates the ends with a rich caramel color. This adds definition to her color while remaining subtle. To get this look in a South Florida hair salon, simply opt for regular trims and ask your stylist to add a color a shade or two lighter than your natural hair to the ends.


Heart-throb Jared Leto has a one-of-a-kind which is suitable for both men and women alike. This unisex style consists of a shaggy, layered cut that extends beyond chin length. When it comes to color, he sports the ombre effect. Unlike dramatic ombres, however, Leto’s color is subtle and effortless. To get the Jared Leto look, advise your Davie hair stylist to cut your hair to chin-length and incorporate a lot of long layers. If you want the downplayed ombre color, ask for a toned-down version of this popular trend.


A true trendsetter, Katy Perry cut off her mid-length, brown locks several years ago and never looked back. These days, she is gracing the covers of magazines with a platinum blonde pixie cut. This style is ideal if you are looking for a low-maintenance, dramatic style. To get the look, show your Florida hair stylist a photo of your favorite look. Be sure to emphasize the importance of adding bangs that are swept forward along with longer, choppy layers on top.


With all the recent buzz surrounding the royal wedding of Prince Harry, his new bride has quickly become a fashion icon. Meghan Markle’s sleek and polished style is perhaps best showcased through her classic hairstyle. Her deep chocolate brown color perfectly complements her skin tone while face-framing layers and loose waves draw attention to her facial features. While the look is fit for the royal family, you certainly do not have to be royalty to pull it off. Discuss your wishes while in a local Florida hair salon and professional stylists can develop a similar style with your existing hair length and cut.

Want to shine like a star but remain on budget? Contact our world class Davie hair salon stylists today at (954) 543-0758.

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