Balayage, Ombre and Sombre: Top Trends Defined

Long gone are the days of basic black, brown, red or blonde hair colors. In today’s day and age, colors are multi-dimensional and packed full of highlights and lowlights to create either a natural and subtle effect or a dramatic and inventive style. Regardless of your signature style, any hair salon in Davie, FL knows that the hottest trends in color are anything but basic. From balayage to ombre and sombre, each of these top color fads create a different end result. Understanding the differences in these terms before entering a hair salon in South Florida will ensure that you get the look that you have been dreaming of.

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Despite many referring to “balayage” as a hair color, it is a term used to describe a hair dye application technique. Essentially, with balayage, hair dye is hand painted onto the hair in a sweeping motion. This gives a much more natural appearance than you would receive with highlights that begin directly at the roots. Instead, the dye is applied in areas where natural lightening would occur from sun exposure. This technique can be used with any hair color but is most typically associated with lighter hues like golden or platinum blondes on blonde or light brown hair and rich caramels on black or brown shades.  Utilizing this set of hues, a Davie hair stylist can create a multi-dimensional and natural look that does not result in harsh contrasting lines as your hair grows.


Unlike balayage, ombre is not a technique. Instead, it refers to a gradient color effect. With ombre, a color gradually gets lighter from the roots to the ends. The result is less natural looking than a balayage but requires very little maintenance. As there is generally no color at the roots, the style can be maintained for up to a year without the need to apply more color. An ombre hair color effect can be created with any hue, from traditional blondes to wild purples but these shades are drastically lighter at the ends. An ombre hair stylist in Davie, FL can help you in determining which shades are best for your preferred ombre style.


Dip-dye refers to a technique that is used to apply hair dye to the hair instead of an actual hair color effect. It is often mistaken for ombre, but the two are very different. With ombre, the change in color is subtle and gradual. With dip-dye, the hair is dipped into hair dye which creates a blunt color line. The color line usually starts half way between the roots and the ends or slightly above the ends.


Sombre is a newer trend in South Florida hair salons, but it is comparable to ombre. It also refers to a gradient color effect, however it is less harsh than a traditional ombre. Likewise, it is not as natural as a balayage style. Generally, a sombre hair color effect will result in hair that is lighter at the ends but there is only a 3 or 4 shade difference from the roots.

Are you interested in a cutting-edge and trendy hair color using one of these popular techniques? Contact our top Davie, FL hair salon today at (954) 543-0758 to schedule a consultation!

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