A Guide to Donating to Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a fantastic charitable organization that many of the best hair salons in Davie, Florida, and countless others around the country, are proud to support. Their mission is to provide wigs made of natural human hair to children who have temporarily or permanently lost their own because of illness, severe injury or disease. To make this possible, the charity relies heavily upon hair donations from members of the community. If you are interested in donating your hair to support this cause, it is crucial to book an appointment at a South Florida hair salon that is familiar with the guidelines. It is also advisable to become familiar with them before making your first donation to understand what to expect. Consider these helpful guidelines for donating your locks to Locks of Love.

woman in black tank top with braided hair

Length Requirements

To be manufactured into a wig for children in need, the program requires a length of a minimum of 10 inches. If the hair is curly, it can be stretched out to meet this requirement. If your hair is not long enough to fulfill this need, it may still be accepted and sold to aid in decreasing the costs of wig manufacturing.

For hair of any length to be deemed viable for donation, it must be bundled together in a ponytail or in a braid prior to cutting. This means that hair that has been gathered after being cut is not viable for donation.

Colored and Treated Hair

Hair that has been colored using a dye that does not contain bleach is useable for Locks of Love purposes, as is most permed or otherwise treated hair. Unfortunately, however, if your locks have been bleached or highlighted, they are not usable. This is due to a reaction that is created with the bleached hair during the manufacturing phase.

Gray or Layered Hair

As the wigs are being developed for children, gray or white hair is not utilized. Likewise, if your hair has a number of layers that fall below 10 inches, only those strands meeting the minimum length will be useable. Gray hair and shorter layers will be sold, however, and the proceeds will be donated to the Locks of Love organization.

How to Send

If you are interested in donating your hair to support this cause, be sure that the hair is secured tightly in a ponytail or braid. It should also be clean and thoroughly dried before being placed in a plastic bag. Afterwards, place the plastic bag in an envelope and simply mail it to the designated donation address:

Locks of Love

234 Southern Blvs.,

West Palm Beach FL 33405-2701

As an added bonus, local hair salons in Florida may offer a discount on the cost of your haircut if your strands are being donated. If you are considering a short hair do to keep up with this year’s cropped hair trend, donating your hair to Locks of Love presents an excellent opportunity to help those in need while also allowing you to rock the most cutting-edge trends.

Want to schedule an appointment to donate your hair to Locks of Love? Contact our experienced Davie, Florida hair stylists today at (954) 543 0758.

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