Hair Hacks From a Pro

Hair Hacks From a Pro

You may not have an extensive background in cosmetology like the expert stylists at your local Davie hair salon, but that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of lackluster hair. For brilliant locks with minimal effort and know-how, explore these quick hair hacks from pro:

grey hair blower near pink hair combs and scrunchies


Try Overnight Curls

As a child, you probably remember sleeping in your braided pigtails and waking up the next morning to fascinatingly wavy hair. Unfortunately, over the years, we tend to turn to quicker solutions for styling hair such as curling irons and blow dryers which can be harmful when used in excess. Recapture this childhood phenomenon and curl your hair while you sleep. Over night curls (or waves) can be achieved using several techniques. One of the most popular is as simple as dividing your hair into four even sections and twisting each one into a small, secured bun before turning in for the night. Simply remove the clips or hair ties and reveal fabulous hassle-free curls in the morning. This is a huge time saver and reduces the amount of heat damage your locks are exposed to.

Tame Flyaways with A Toothbrush

Mastering a perfectly polished ponytail is an art form. After tediously removing any bumps or lumps, flyaways quickly become the number one enemy. Instead of redoing the style entirely, spray an old toothbrush with hair spray and use it to brush down these unruly strands. The small bristled will catch each tiny hair and the hair spray will hold them in place.

Use Cornstarch For 2nd (or 3rd) Day Hair

We’ve all been there: sudden plans and no time to wash your oily locks. While dry shampoo is a miraculous product, if you find yourself without your go-to powder, use cornstarch instead. Apply directly to the roots and allow the powder to sit for several minutes. It will absorb the oil quickly and refresh your locks. If your hair is dark, add a little cocoa powder to avoid any noticeable white specs.

Tame Frizz with Lotion

Humid South Florida weather has a way of summoning frizzy hair. Naturally, your Davie Florida hair salon has probably introduced you to a premium anti-frizz serum which keeps the frizz at bay. If you’re caught without it, however, smoothing a dab of hand lotion through your strands will work in a pinch.

Color in Your Part with Eyeshadow

For those with dark hair, a part in your hair often reveals your scalp. This creates a lot od contrast which can make your hair appear thin and stringy. By filling in this space with an eyeshadow that matches your locks, your hair will look noticeably thicker in an instant.

Do your strands need more attention than these hacks can provide? Contact us today at (954) 543-0758 to book an appointment with one of our local South Florida hair stylists.

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