Skip the D.I.Y. Approach for These Styles

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Seemingly simple and inexpensive solutions to your hair woes are everywhere. From television commercials to the aisles of your local South Florida pharmacy, there is a D.I.Y. kit for every hair concern imaginable. Regardless of whether you fantasize about transforming your stick straight hair into spiral curls, hiding your grays, going platinum blonde or trying a daring new cut, the temptation for a quick fix greets you at every turn. Many of these D.I.Y. kits seem too good to be true and unfortunately, a lot of times they are. So, which ones area safe to use and which ones should you avoid?


One of the biggest D.I.Y. mistakes people make is utilizing a perm kit that is designed for at home use. For starters, these kits contain harsh chemicals which permanently alter the texture of your hair. In a salon, a professional will first evaluate the condition of your hair to ensure that it is strong and healthy enough to undergo the process. If you are not familiar with the perming process, it is all too easy to underestimate its effects and destroy your hair. Likewise, many people are unaware of just how tightly they curl their hair before applying the solution. This often results in frizzy, small curls which are not the desired result. To get the curls you are after and prevent extreme damage, skip the at home perms and consult a professional hair stylist.


Much like perms, relaxers contain chemical compounds which alter the structure of your hair molecules. If not done correctly, you can cause major damage to your vivacious locks. Relaxers and straightening treatments are best left to the pros.

Hair Colors

Generally speaking, box dyes intended for at home use are much harsher on your hair than the dye used in a professional salon. While you will receive the best results in a salon, if your hair is in good condition, you can get away with using box dyes between appointments. Be sure to keep the shade within two shades of your current color, however, to eliminate major damage or unexpected results.


If you are interested in going platinum blonde, the allure of a box bleach may be too hard to resist. You leave the pharmacy with visions of the icy platinum blonde depicted on the box dancing in your head. After applying it, however, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Instead of icy blonde, you are left with a color that somehow features fifty shades of brassy orange. This is one of the biggest problems we encounter here in our Davie Florida hair salon and it can be difficult and time consuming to correct. While we are able to tone down the brassiness, it often takes several appointments to achieve acceptable results and it can take much longer if your hair was severely damaged due to the bleaching process. If you plan to make a drastic color change, it will likely take several appointments with a professional to reach your goal. This minimizes damage and ensures the best results and although a box dye seems like a faster solution, this is one gamble that never quite pans out in anyone’s favor.

Gray Coverage

When gray hair makes an appearance, most people want to cover them immediately. As hair grows quickly, it’s no surprise that it is difficult for many to get to the salon every few weeks. There are a plethora of products designed to cover grays but permanent dyes are not always the best solution. If you do opt to cover your grays with a permanent dye, be sure to match the color of the dye to current color and only apply it to the areas where it is needed to minimize damage. Your best option, however, is to use a temporary root cover up product until you can get to the salon to avoid mismatched roots or patches.


Sharp hair cutting scissors and guides can be found at most local beauty supply stores, along with clippers and a number of other tools of the trade. These tools are great to have handy for quick and minor trims or full on buzz cuts but for a totally new style or an edgy fringe, you’re best bet is to leave it to the professionals to avoid crooked bangs or drastically uneven locks.

While at home perms or bleach kits seem harmless and fool-proof, they can cause an extensive amount of damage to your hair. From hair falling out to orange hair, we see an immense amount of clients here in our top Davie Florida hair salon who require major corrections from D.I.Y. hair attempts. The time, money and frustration involved with these corrections typically exceeds that of the original services. If you are considering making a drastic change, call (954) 543 0758 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists to ensure flawless results.

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