Holiday Hair Tips for Every Event

As the holiday season draws nearer, the invitations to family get togethers, business gatherings and other festive events seem to multiple. With so many special occasions emerging on the calendar, it is only natural to begin to plan which look you will sport to each one. While your favorite little black dress may appear more than once throughout the season, simply changing your hairstyle will ensure that your style remains fresh for every bash. For an unforgettable look each time, explore these holiday hair tips:

celebration christmas dress fashion

The Magic Ponytail

Hair extensions in Davie, and the surrounding areas, are a fantastic option if you are looking to add noticeable length or volume to your hair. With the holidays approaching and a large shopping list, however, you may not want to invest in long lasting extensions. To add a bit of glamour to your hair style without splurging, simply try the magic ponytail. To get the look, gather the length of your hair and create a low ponytail that falls at the nape of your neck. Take the remaining hair on the top of your head and create a higher ponytail. The length of the higher ponytail will cover the lower one and give the illusion of much longer locks.

Add a Little Color

Want to make a dazzling and daring entrance to your best friend’s holiday party but need to look like a professional again the next day? Consider sprucing up your hair style with a bold temporary color. Hair coloring in Davie can be achieved using temporary, semi-permanent or permanent dyes. If you are only looking to add some color for a special event, skip the trip to the salon and invest in a dye that will wash out. This will allow you to create a festive look without damaging your mane (or your professional reputation). From reds to golds and everything in between, a dash of color can make your average style extraordinary with little effort.

Give Your Locks Some TLC

Hair treatments near Pembroke Pines are an excellent investment. Regardless of the texture of your natural hair, salons are equipped with everything from Keratin smoothing treatments to intensive damage repair solutions. While hair treatments alone are certainly not a holiday style, treating yourself to one will ensure that your hair is healthy, glossy and manageable so that you can look your best in all of those holiday selfies.

Fabulous in Five Minutes

It happens to the best of us: a meeting runs late; the babysitter doesn’t show on time or you’ve simply overbooked, and you have only a few minutes to create an elegant hair style for an important engagement. Whether your hair is on the shorter side or down to your knees, never underestimate the power of a quick chignon. To achieve the totally polished and chic look, you need only five minutes, a comb and a few bobby pins. Spruce up your look with some jewelry, slip into your dress and you are ready for any formal occasion.

In need of a trim, hair treatment or hair coloring in Davie, Florida before the holiday rush? Call us today at (954) 543-0758 to schedule an appointment with our cheery team of professional stylists.

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