Surprising Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists

Need your locks to look as glitzy as a Hollywood celebrity? Celebrity hairstylists who have created amazing fashion forward and unique hairstyles for Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and many more, shared valuable tips on how to make your hair shine like a star and we took notes! Take a look at some of the best tips that celebrity hairstylists have to offer on immediately enhancing the health and appearance of your hair like a pro.

photo of woman covering face with her hair

Deep Condition for Glossy Tresses

If your hair is rough and frizzy, create a DIY deep conditioning treatment. Begin by shampooing your hair as usual and generously applying your favorite conditioner. Instead of rinsing out the conditioner, leave it in place. Afterwards, start the hair treatment by wetting a towel, placing it in the microwave and heating it until it is comfortably hot. Carefully remove the towel from the microwave and wrap it around your head so that all of your hair is covered. Leave the towel on until it has cooled entirely. This treatment helps the conditioner soak deeper into each strand of hair, leaving you with glossy, smooth and silky tresses. You can also go to a natural hair salon to get this treatment.

It’s All About the Scalp

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin says that it is important to have a healthy scalp. If you want your hair to look like J-Lo, stop focusing on the ends of the hair and work on your scalp. An excessive number of people are focused solely on the length of hair; however, the overall health of your strands is determined by the condition of your scalp. Use products that are lightweight and can be easily applied from the scalp to the ends for strong hair. To further enhance the performance of your hair products, use your fingers to massage them directly into your scalp. This will help stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Less is More

With so many products readily available on the market today, many people find themselves using numerous hair products. This is essentially because they believe that more is better, and this will lead to healthier locks, but celebrity stylists do not try too hard to achieve this feat. The key is to use fewer, more powerful products. Essentially, you can achieve celebrity status hair by using only the right products, instead of using all of them.

Experiment Before Coloring

Hair coloring in Florida, and around the globe is tricky. It’s best to pick a shade that is only a few shades darker or lighter than your actual hair color. A pro tip is to go to your closest hair or wig shop and experiment with a couple of various options to see which suits you best. This can truly enable you to figure out what shade you should go for without taking a risk.

Consider Hair Health

The most important factor in having celebrity hair, is to keep it heathy above all else. Healthy hair is naturally glossy, smooth and easy to manage which makes hairstyling a lot simpler, with better end results. With dull, damaged and weak hair, a lot of effort is needed to get the perfect hairstyle so give your hair the attention it deserves. Schedule regular hair treatments in Davie Florida, get regular trims and do not overdo it with products or heating tools.

Need a trim or hair treatment to jumpstart your journey to glamorous celebrity hair? Contact us today at (954) 543-0758.

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