Seven Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hair Enthusiasts in Your Life

Everyone knows at least one person that gets ecstatic at the thought of a new haircut, color or accessory. Chances are that this person has had hair that has been colored every hue of the rainbow and has had every trendy cut for as far back as you can remember. If this chic hair guru has landed a place on your holiday shopping list, you may be clueless as to what give them this holiday season. While a true hair lover might cheer at anything hair related, some gifts are undoubtedly more appealing to this crowd than others. Consider these top seven gift ideas:

brown pinecone on white rectangular board

1. A Comb and Brush Set

This may not sound like the most alluring gift in the world, but we aren’t talking any standard comb and brush set here. Opt for a high-end professional set that offers a lot of variety. A set that includes basics like a detangling and smoothing brush and a wide tooth comb are a good place to start.

2. Accessories

From clips to headbands to scrunchies, anything goes when it comes to hair accessories. Many stores, both online and brick and mortar, offer hair accessory sets that include matching pieces.

3. Premium Hair Treatments

All of that styling and coloring can wreak havoc on the condition of the hair itself. A premium hair treatment gift set is always highly appreciated by hair fashionistas.

4. Tools of the Trade

Straighteners blow dryers and curling irons are the tools of the trade for an aspiring hair stylist. While they probably already own many of these tools, an upgrade is always welcomed. If you are unsure of which specific tool to purchase, you can always choose a gift care to a beauty supply store so that they are able to choose for themselves.

5. Hair Scissors

In some cases, those who prefer an edgy and experimental approach to hairstyles may cut their own hair. A quality pair of scissors that are specifically manufactured for use with hair can take their look to a whole new level. They are also extremely helpful for those who take a D.I.Y. approach to trims on occasion.

6. Hair Products

This probably goes without saying, but if the recipient on your list has a favorite line of products, purchasing a few of them makes a great holiday gift. You can also consider adding them to a gift basket with other favorites, such as snacks or fragrances, to fully customize the present.

7. Salon Gift Cards

One of the safest bets for gift giving is a gift card. This allows the recipient to get exactly what they want (and eliminates the guess work on your end). Many hair salons in Davie, Florida and across the globe, offer gift cards during the holidays. Discover which one your friend or family member prefers and inquire about the availability of a gift card. This will allow them to choose any number of salon services available, including hair coloring in Davie Florida.

In search of a holiday salon gift card or a particular line of hair products? Call the professionals at our South Florida hair salon today at (954) 543-0758.

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