New Year, New You: 5 Trending Hairstyles for 2019

Whether you’re a New Year’s resolution fanatic or avoid the topic entirely, there is no doubt that a new year offers a fresh start. From career aspirations to fitness goals, change is in the air, even here at our Davie hair salon. To kick off 2019, consider opting for a fresh look with one of these 5 trending hairstyles:




Smoky Pinks and Lilacs


Hair coloring in Davie has never been limited to modest hues. But already this year, we are seeing clients flock to smoky pink and lilac hues. The shades are notably toned down in comparison to the bold neon colors spotted on runways and city streets in 2018. These muted tints pair well with other shades and the coolness of a smoky pink or lilac complements nearly every skin tone.


Colored Ends


For the last several years, ombre has been one of the trendiest looks around the globe. If you are attempting to grow out your ombre without a cut, you’re in luck. For 2019, colored ends are expected to be one of the most popular styles. This is especially easy to achieve if your ends are already a lighter hue from an ombre but can be done with any current style. Whether you opt for a bold or subtle pigment, this look adds a fresh twist to your haircut without being over the top. Some of the most desirable blends include deep brown or black hair with pops of dark blue or an icy blond paired with lilac ends.




In 2018, braids made a big comeback. From boxer to Dutch, they were spotted on celebrities all over the world. For 2019, braids will stick around with a focus on much smaller, discreet ones. These braids, known as microbraids, are strategically placed to enhance a style. For instance, a microbraid placed along a center part can instantly add depth to an otherwise typical look. Likewise, microbraids can be hidden underneath of the hair to add undetectable volume.


Glossy Locks


Natural, shiny locks are always in style but the focus on is increasing on this concept in the new year. While there are endless products which aid in adding instant sheen, the best way to achieve this look is to simply ensure that your hair is healthy. Hair treatments in Davie aid in repairing dry or damaged strands. While this, in and of itself, is a feat, healthy hair also boasts an incredible glossy shine. This creates a polished result regardless of which style you are sporting.


Loose Beachy Waves


Beach waves are not a new concept and tend to come and go. They are back for 2019, however, and are drastically different than beachy waves of the past. This year, they will lack the drastic volume they are associated with. Instead, beachy waves will be loose and refined. This gives a sense of style without looking overdone. To get the look, simply add spritz the hair with a texturizing spray and lightly scrunch until the hair is softly waved.


Ready to dive into 2019 with a stylish new look? Call us today at (954) 543-0758 to schedule an appointment in the best Davie hair salon.


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