Fresh Spring Hair Color Trends for 2019

photo of standing woman flipping her hair in the middle of sunflower field

Despite being spared from the bitter cold temperatures experienced in the Northern regions of the United States, it’s safe to say that clients of our Davie hair salon are ready for spring. While warm weather, flowers blooming and birds chirping certainly top our “favorite things about spring” list, as hair experts we place fresh and trendy spring hair colors in the number one position. So, what colors can you expect to see for the Spring 2019 season? Bring in Spring with these bright and cheery color trends:

1. Rose Gold

Rose gold has been a staple color for accessories, jewelries and even cell phones for several years. We have seen it appear as a hair color before, but the trend lacked intensity. This spring, however, it looks like rose gold hair will finally have its moment in the lime light. This subtle mix of cool pink and copper hues is easy to pull off regardless of your skin tone and can be created with temporary or permanent dyes. If you’re unsure of how you’ll feel about the hair color long term, opt for a temporary hair color. In Davie, FL we frequently use temporary colors before applying a permanent one to ensure client satisfaction.

2. Faded Pastels

Blues, purples and pinks are all trending hair colors. The difference for spring shades is that they will be less aggressive and require less of a commitment. Barely there, these muted pastels pair especially well with blond and light brown bases. For those who need a more professional look throughout the week, colored, removable hair extensions in Davie allow you to switch back and forth from fun to business with zero commitment and zero damage.

3. Inverted Ombres

A standard ombre features a color that looks as if it could be achieved by simply letting your roots grow out. An inverted or reverse ombre, however, makes a more obvious statement. With this style, the pop of color is added to the ends of the hair and from there, the hue changes in intensity until it reaches the scalp. The inverted ombre is often done with bold colors, like deep purple, and frames the face with a dramatic flood of color.

4. Smokey Quartz

Who says going (or staying) brunette must be boring? This rich and glimmering chestnut brown is ideal for those who are seeking a natural look. While brown hues risk being too harsh for the light and airy spring season, this one holds its own. If you are less of a naturalist, ask for some buttery blond baby lights to really set the base color off.

5. Bronde (Brown + Blonde)

When it comes to hair color, the battle between going blonde or brunette is a constant. With the “bronde” trend, you simply don’t have to choose. This illusive color pairs the best of both hues and cannot quit be defined as either one. This eliminates all the guess work of finding a shade of blonde that isn’t too high maintenance or a brown color that is too harsh.

Ready to dive into a trendy new color for spring? Call our Davie hair salon today at (954) 543-0758 to book your next appointment!

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