6 Trendy Spring Hairstyles

In the chilly winter months, many of us tend to neglect our hair. We hide it under hooded coats and beanies and put little thought into styling. As spring arrives and the need for coverage decreases, suddenly we feel the need for a fresh look. If you’re looking for a look beyond a basic messy bun or side part, discover the trendiest hairstyles for spring chosen by the best Davie hair salon:


1. The Bubble Ponytail

Say goodbye to boring ponytails for your trip to the gym! This season, the bubble ponytail is trending and it doesn’t require much more effort than your standard ponytail. To get the look, gather your hair into a traditional ponytail. It can be low, high or anywhere in between. From there add several hair ties, equally spaced apart, down the length of the ponytail. This gives the illusion of a much more complex ponytail and creates a unique, casual style that you can do without needing the assistance of a Davie hair salon stylist.

2. The Rope Braid

For those with long locks, creating a perfectly polished braided style can be quite a chore. Luckily, the rope braid is nowhere near as complex as a French braid or fishtail braid. To get started, separate the hair into two equal sections. Twirl each section of hair, moving in the same direction, until the length of each is twirled. Then, twist these sections around each other in opposite directions. Secure it with a hair tie and you will have a glamorous style that lasts throughout the day.

3. The 80’s Crimped Look

If you’ve always dreamed of big, textured hair, this spring hairstyle is for you. Get the look with a crimping iron or by leaving your hair in braids overnight. For a less drastic look, brush out the crimped hair slightly. This will add volume without being over the top.

4. The Wet Look

The wet look has been a popular hairstyle for spring and summer at the best hair salon in Davie for the last few seasons. It is easy to achieve and looks fantastic for every occasion This season, the aim is for hair to look drenched from root to end instead of simply wet at the top. To do this, begin with damp hair. Apply a generous amount of hair gel from root to end and then comb the hair in the front backwards until you achieve your desired look. Afterwards, spritz with your favorite hair spray and allow the hair to air dry.

5. The Knotted Headband

Perhaps the simplest way to freshen up your hair style for spring is the knotted headband look. This style headband is one of the most popular accessories for spring in Davie, Florida and it can be added to any style. It elevates your look to a new level whether your locks are straight, curly, up or down.

6. The Ballerina Bun

Spring time wardrobes are typically filled with soft pastels and floral prints. To emphasize these feminine touches, consider adding a ballerina bun to your spring hairstyle repertoire. Unlike the messy bun, the ballerina bun is polished to perfection. Start with a high ponytail and then twist the length into a rope. From there, twist the rope around the base of the high ponytail and pin it into place. Use a a spare toothbrush coated in hairspray to tame flyaway and perfect the ballerina style.

Interested in more looks that are trending for spring near the best salon in Davie? Check out the hottest haircuts for the season at Inscape Beauty Salon.

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