What You Need to Consider While Looking for a Hair Salon

A trip to the hair salon should be one of the most exciting events of your week. The thought of catching up with your favorite stylist and kicking back in the chair should offer you an escape from reality. If your hair salon appointments are starting to feel more like dental exams than a luxurious pampering, it may be time to search for a new one. Here’s what you need to consider while looking for a hair salon to ensure you leave feeling relaxed and indulged every time:



Nothing can crush a good time quite like breaking your budget. Before committing to an appointment at a new hair salon in Davie, be sure to explore their prices. Many hair salons offer this information online, along with the services that they provide. Check out these prices and see if they compare to the going rate of others in the area. If you’re uncomfortable of the price (also considering gratuity), keep looking until you find one that is more in line with your budget.


Location is another important factor to consider when choosing a hair salon. If the drive will result in lengthy traffic jams, extensive travel or limited parking spaces, it might be a good idea to keep searching for a more convenient location. A bad location can drastically affect your mood; making the pampering received less enjoyable. Likewise, the salon’s hours should also be considered. If you work until 6 PM and they are only open until 6:30 PM, for instance, it will be hard to accommodate your schedule.


Before visiting any hair salon, you should investigate their online reviews. These days, most top hair salons in Davie (and around the globe) have strong online presences. Here, you can usually find valuable information through reviews from previous and existing customers. For instance, a review may state if that it is difficult to secure weekend appointments or that the receptionist is rude. They may also contain positive information, such as identifying a customer favorite stylist or highlighting other services that the salon offers.


Looks are everything in a hair salon and we aren’t talking about the hair styles! Because of the nature of the work done in hair salons, it is crucial that they are clean and sterile environments. There are several ways to determine if a top hair salon is clean and safe. You can usually discover a lot about the atmosphere through customer reviews, but it doesn’t hurt to stop by the hair salon and check it out for yourself. Hair should be removed from the floor, combs and brushes should be placed in jars filled with sterilizing liquids and surfaces should be free of dust and debris.


If you are more nervous about the hair stylist than the hair salon itself, make sure to schedule consultations before committing. You can get a good feel for whether the stylist is compatible with your own style and personality during this initial meeting. It also presents a good opportunity to ask about the stylists training, experience and portfolio.

In search of a new hair salon in Davie, Florida? Contact us at (954) 543-0758 to schedule a consultation at our top Davie hair salon today!

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