How to Find Your Perfect Summer Hair Style

Summer is right around the corner here in Davie, Florida and the summer sun presents the perfect excuse for a hair style change. Whether you change your hair with every season or have rocked the same look for years, consider these factors to find your perfect summer hair style:


1. Outdoor Activity Level

Nothing is worse than having hair in your face, except for having it stick to the back of your neck in the heat. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer to embrace the great outdoors, your style should be all about comfort. A simple high ponytail goes a long way in this case, but if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your summer hair woes consider an edgy pixie cut or a collarbone length lob to keep cool in the sun.

2. Reaction to Humidity

Some of us are lucky enough to have stick straight locks that don’t budge when humidity rises. Others, however, risk sporting a ball of frizz at the first sign of it. If humidity is a cause for concern, you simply can’t go wrong with a braided style. Braided mohawks and side braids are a go-to for weekend outings while a polished top knot fairs well for more formal occasions. To ensure your hair stays frizz-free, be sure to use a strong hold hairspray. For a more permanent frizz buster, visit the top-rated hair salon in Davie for a smoothing treatment.

3. Time for Experimentation

Is your summer schedule more jampacked than usual or do you have time to spare? If time is a concern, opt for a tried and true look like half-up half-down, low pigtails or a simple fishtail braid. If you have time to spare, summer is a great time to experiment with more time consuming updos like the French braid top knot or a classic chignon. Another great option for summer is overnight styles, such as ringlets or waves that require no heat.

4. Chlorine Exposure

Chlorine can be disastrous for brittle or color treated hair, especially when paired with the harshness of sun exposure. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the pool this summer, keep your style simple and cut down on heating tools. Loose braids or pigtails are a fantastic option for keeping your hair out of your face while swimming. Just be sure to wet your hair before hoping into the chlorinated water to minimize damage and avoid any color changes.

5. Personal Style

Above all, remain true to your personal style. If you prefer to wear your hair down for every other season, there is no reason that you must suddenly switch to a daily updo. Simple accessories like headbands or hair clips can keep your hair in place without making a drastic change because of the heat.

Dreaming of an entirely fresh new look to ring in summer? Book your appointment at the best Davie hair salon today by calling us at (954) 543-0758.

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