The Hottest Summer Hair Trends in Florida

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons here in Florida. The warm weather opens an endless array of outdoor activities and get-togethers. For some, this also means a plethora of bad hair days. Whether due to humidity, sun exposure, salt water or chlorine, there is no denying that summer is particularly rough on the locks. If you need a new style to beat the heat, discover the hottest summer hair trends in Florida for a little inspiration:


The Claw Clip

The “Claw” style clip is a blast from the past that has reemerged in recent months as a trendy accessory. This 1980’s go-to piece is available in sophisticated hues like black and tortoise along with more eye-popping shades like pastel pink and bright green. They are also available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate all hair types from thin to ultra-thick. Regardless of color and size, however, there is a signature style created by the claw clip. Celebrities and runway models sport a romantic look that consists of clipping the length of the hair up and leaving a few face-framing pieces down in front. This look can go from causal to chic and is a quick alternative for summer to the ever-popular high pony.

‘70s Bangs

Hair fanatics around the world, instantly recognize the iconic bangs of actress Farrah Fawcett in the ‘70s. This summer, the trend has returned to top salons in Davie and around the country. Fortunately, the bangs have been modernized by stylists to avoid an outdated look. The result is a less feathered and less voluminous look than the original that still contains a flattering texture.

Facing Framing Baby Braids

Tired of the same look but not ready to make a drastic change to your style? Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new looks. One of the hottest hair styles in south Florida is face framing baby braids. Simply create two small braids—one on each side of your face. This helps keep long bangs out of your face in the heat, as an added bonus.

Two-Toned Hair Color

Hair coloring in Davie is a diverse service. In some cases, top salon clients want to look as natural as possible and others want eye-catching trendy tones. This trend, however, is one that can be easily adapted to fit both preferences. The most common approach to the two-toned hair color look errs on the bold side with two opposite colors being merged. For instance, black roots and black on the bottom and then a buttery blonde throughout the rest of the head. If you’re less daring, you can opt for colors that fall closer together on the color wheel—this will create a more subtle look.

Summer Bobs

The bob is a favorite hair cut in Davie that continually withstands the test of time. In summer, it proves to be an especially popular choice. This is because the chin-length hairdo keeps the hair off of the neck and is extremely low maintenance. This look is ideal for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer heat or those who have grown tired of a lengthy hair regime.

Considering one of these hot summer hair trends in Davie, Florida? Call (954) 543-0758 today to book your appointment at the top Davie hair salon.

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