Is it Safe to Go to the Hair Salon During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

After months of being on lockdown, business around the world and right here in Florida have finally started to open their doors. Some of these re-openings occurred earlier than others, depending on how each specific region has been affected by the virus, but for most, it has been months since their last visit the hair salon. Whether you gave into temptation and regrettably cut your hair at home, have been waiting it out or are simply in desperate need of a root touch up, you may be hesitant about returning the salon. So, is it safe to go to the hair salon during the COVID-19 pandemic?


The number one consideration in deciding whether to visit your local hair salon should be your location. In some areas, the transmission rates of COVID-19 have been low. In large metropolitan areas, like New York City, however, the number of positive cases has been devastatingly high. Your state website, including the Florida state website, should offer guidance on business re-openings and how to safely proceed with venturing out of your home if you are unsure. In most locations, facial coverings, social distancing and limiting building capacity are typical. If you are concerned about rising numbers in your area, it may be wise to wait until the numbers stabilize. Likewise, if you are deemed “high risk” due to age or existing health conditions, it is probably best to stick to essential outings like doctor’s appointments.

If you do decide to visit the hair salon, it is crucial to investigate what your top Davie hair salon is doing to keep patrons (and their staff) safe. The hair salon that you visit should be taking steps like enforcing the use of facial masks, frequently sanitizing high-touch areas, spacing out salon chairs, minimizing the amount of people in the salon at one time and pausing certain high-risk services (like blowouts, scalp massages and beverage services). Most compliant hair salons have also eliminated the use of waiting rooms and are instead instructing costumers to wait in their cars until their stylist is ready to begin. All these factors play a key role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and you should be prepared to adhere to all of these regulations if you decide to visit one of the best hair salons in Davie during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Above all, the decision to visit the hair salon during a pandemic is a personal one. If you feel comfortable with venturing out in your area and feel confident that your local hair salon is taking precautions to protect staff and customers, call ahead to make an appointment. Keep in mind that many hair salons are not currently accepting walk-ins, service hours may be altered, and they may not be offering all their usual services. Likewise, it is important to understand their current practices and regulations before arrival. If you would like to schedule an appointment at the best Davie hair salon, give us a call at (954) 543-0758; we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our health and safety policies during COVID-19.

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