7 Trending Fall Hair Colors

Fall has arrived! Colder weather is approaching, and the leaves are rapidly changing color. If your feeling inspired by nature’s color change, consider these 7 trending Fall hair colors:

1. Cinnamon Ombre

The cinnamon ombre color, spotted on celebrities like Beyonce, is a warm brunette color that screams Fall. The color consists of a medium brunette base with strategically placed pieces of a lighter, yet rich cinnamon ombre throughout. This combination of colors aids in aiding dimension, shine and adding a warm glow to your complexion.

2. Black with Golden Undertones

Many women who dream of rich, jet black looks find that the color washes out their complexion. Often, this is because of the purple or red undertones that are found in deep blacks. For Fall, many celebrities are opting for a black color that has golden undertones. The look can also be achieved by adding golden highlights to a dark black base.

3. Blood-Orange

Although this color sounds more fitting as an accompaniment to your Halloween costume, it is actually a subtle red hue that mimics the red color found in changing autumn leaves. The shade focuses on blending a mix of cooper reds and oranges to achieve a natural redheaded look.

4. Cool Pink

Pink has been a top choice for those looking to take a walk on the wide side for the last several years. For the fall season, the look is all about a cool, rich pink hue. This bold color; however, can be incorporated strategically or all over. Keep in mind that your hair may need to be lightened first if you are starting with a dark base. If you are unsure, be sure to ask your stylist at the best davie hair salon.

5. Golden Blonde with Dark Roots

In years past, showcasing dark roots with golden blonde hair would have been a major faus paux. Fortunately, this Fall the look is actually one of the trendiest. It has been seen on celebrities for months and the color is gaining popularity around the globe. To pull it off, simply let your roots grow out if you are a natural brunette. If you are a natural blonde and want more contrast between your roots and length to achieve the style, tell your stylist at the best davie hair salon that you are aiming for a “rooted” look.

6. Chestnut Ombre

Chestnut ombre certainly sounds like a perfect Fall hair color and the look is even more impressive. This color relies on a dark, neutral brown base and then incorporates the rich chestnut hue from mid-length to the ends of the hair. It adds instant dimension and perfectly complements the season’s wardrobe color schemes.

7. Two-Toned Gray

Whether your hair has naturally faded to gray or you can’t resist the beautiful shade, two-toned gray styles are all the rage for Fall. This color blends a mix of lighter and darker grays to blend seamlessly into gray roots and create a multi-dimensional look that is perfect for all seasons.

8. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a color that is typically associated with summer. The icy cool blonde shade can work in any season; however, if it is properly maintained. This hue requires extensive maintenance and regular touch-ups to look its best, but no one can deny its stunning allure that will offer a lot of contrast against the warmer shades of Fall.

Ready to make a change for fall? Contact the best hair salon in Davie today at (954) 543-0758 to get one of these trending fall hair colors.

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