5 Halloween Costumes That Are Made by The Hair

The word “costume” is synonymous with Halloween. Whether you opt to take a walk on the dark side or embrace your inner diva, there is a lot that goes into pulling off either style. From the costume itself down to the hair, every aspect further enhances the mystique of the holiday. For those who are searching for a look that showcases their luscious locks, look no further than these costumes that are made by the hair:

1. Space Woman

Galaxy themes have been a fan favorite for the last several years. From makeup trends to clothing patterns, this ethereal style can be translated in endless ways for Halloween. One of the most popular options is with a space woman costume. Although this look is versatile, metallic hues are most prominent when it comes to clothing choice. As for hair, however, there is no better option than classic space buns. To pull your look together, part your hair down the middle and create two high ponytails on each side. Secure them in place with elastics and then wrap the length of the hair around the elastic and hold in place with bobbi pins. This Halloween hair style in Davie is fun and low maintenance.

2. Medusa

A notable figure from Greek mythology, Medusa is the ultimate persona to take on if you prefer to embrace the spookiness of the season. With live, venomous snakes taking the place of Medusa’s locks, there is no doubt that this costume places the most emphasis on the wearer’s hairstyle. Fortunately, to embody this look you don’t have to show up to your next Halloween party with a crew of live snakes atop of your head. Instead, part your hair into tiny sections all over your head and then create small braids. You can make the braids twist and stand up like snakes by wrapping the braids around thin wire or by using an extremely generous amount of pomade or extreme hold hair gel. To take the look a step further, consider spritzing some temporary green hair color over the braids once you finish.

3. Rosie the Riveter

A cultural icon for women during World War II, Rosie the Riveter continues to be a beloved figure and a staple of the feminist movement. Her signature style, complete with a banada and a 40’s style updo, is instantly recognizable and relatively easy to pull off. Start your Rosie inspired look by parting the front section of your hair into a deep “U” shape and pulling this section forward. Put the remaining length of your hair into a low ponytail. Return to the front section and create around 5 curls with a curling iron. Backcomb the hair directly behind this section to create volume and then gently brush out the curls to create one large curled section. Pin the curl in place and then twist the ponytail in the back upwards and pin in place. Lastly, add your red bandana and secure the look in place using a combination of bobbi pins and hairspray.  

4. The Lioness

No look is quite as fierce as king or queen of the jungle. This lion mane inspired hairdo requires excessive volume, which can be achieved using a combination of curls, teasing and a strong hold hairspray. You can also take it a step further and create “ears” by adding small buns to the top of the head.

5. Devil

Another top costume for Halloween is a twist on a traditional devil. While many opt for headbands or headpieces to create the iconic devil horns associated with the look, it can be pulled off just as easily with the hair. To make it happen, part the front of the hair into two equal sections and then secure them in place with elastic hair ties. Then carefully twist the length of the hair around the hair tie until it forms the shape of “horns”. Pin the hair in place with bobbi pins and spray with hair spray to keep them in place all evening.

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