Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Beauty Enthusiasts

The tree is lit, the stockings are hung, and you’ve carefully selected thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list—or so you thought. It happens to the best of us, days (or even hours) before the big gift exchange takes place, you realize you have forgotten someone. Fortunately, if you’ve happened to overlook the beauty enthusiast in your life, there are plenty of last-minute gift ideas that will look as if they were planned months in advance:

1. A Monthly Beauty Box Subscription

For those who love beauty products, the more the merrier is an adage that rings true. Today, there are countless monthly subscription boxes available for everything from snacks to diapers and this simple, straight-to-your door model extends to cosmetics and skincare products. Many of them offer samples of a range of everything from lipstick to moisturizers so that the recipient can discover the latest and greatest products. Since it is a subscription service, all you need is the recipient’s address, and you can sign up mere moments before a gift exchange. The beauty enthusiast in your life will thank you for months to come.

2. DIY Gel Nail Kit

Even the most devout salon goer encounters times when they are too busy for a mani/pedi appointment. While a quick layer of nail polish can spare them from staring at chipped nails for a few days, a longer lasting solution makes the perfect gift. A DIY gel nail kit will allow them to have long lasting color in-between mani/pedi appointments. They are sold at most pharmacies and typically include a UV light as well as a few gel polishes.  

3. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are indulgent and necessary for beauty enthusiasts. Not only do they feel fantastic, but they also aid in keeping a clear complexion and decreasing frizzy hair. You can find sets in any local beauty supply or home goods store in a variety of colors and styles.

4. Natural Boar Bristle Brush Set

Those who want strong, healthy hair understand that the process starts with the basics. While a healthy diet and staying hydrated are crucial, the tools used for hair care are also important in achieving this feat. While most people settle for any ordinary brush, beauty enthusiasts known that plastic bristles are harsh on the hair and can lead to breakage. This makes a natural boar bristle brush set perfect and practical gift for anyone who is serious about their locks.

5. A Salon Gift Card

If the recipient is local to the area, a gift card to the best Davie hair salon is sure to make them smile. With this option, they will enjoy a day of pampering and can choose the service that most appeals to them. Whether they opt for a haircut, a hair treatment or a mani/pedi, it will undoubtedly rank at the top of their favorite gifts list.

Want to purchase a last-minute gift card or schedule an appointment before the holidays? Call the best Davie hair salon today at (954) 543-0758.

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