Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Hair Lovers

While cards, flowers, and chocolates are the go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day, a personalized gift can be even more meaningful. Whether you are shopping for a friend, a romantic partner, or treating yourself, health and beauty products are always a useful and thoughtful gesture. Consider these 5 gift ideas for hair lovers: 

Hair Brush Set

One of the most critical tools for healthy, beautiful hair is one that is frequently overlooked by those wanting to improve their hair: the hair brush. All too often people use the same hair brush for far too long or choose the first one they see at a local department store. Unfortunately, many of these brushes are inexpensive ones that are manufactured using pointy nylon or plastic bristles. These bristles are particularly harsh on the hair and can lead to severe breakage, especially if they are used when the hair is wet. For the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, consider giving a boar bristle brush set that will lessen the chance of breakage and bring out the shine in your loved ones locks.

Hair Treatment Kit

Here in Davie, FL hair treatments are one of our most popular services. This is because they can quickly transform lackluster locks and damaged strands into a silky, shiny crown. To embrace this notion without the trip to the salon, consider giving a professional quality hair treatment kit. While there are endless options to choose from, we recommend one with agave, keratin or moroccan oil for flawless results. 

Hair Accessories

In the last few years, hair accessories have been all the rage on runways across the globe. From elegant pins to sporty headbands, these accessories aren’t as commonly thought of as belts or scarves. If the hair enthusiast/fashionista in your life likes to switch up their style and accessorize, consider gifting meaningful hair accessories. Decorative hair combs or jeweled pins are highly gift-able and not as commonplace for Valentine’s Day as necklaces and bracelets are. 

Styling Tools

Has your Valentine been using the same blow-dryer, straightener or curling iron for years without fail? With all of the advances made in the designs of these products, they probably don’t know what they are missing by using an outdated styling tool. Surprise them with a professional grade blow-dryer that adds shine or a straightener that doubles as a curling iron.

A Gift Certificate

While gift certificates are often reserved for occasions when the giver is unsure of exactly what to give, they shouldn’t be! Gift certificates give recipients the opportunity to get precisely what they want. For a hair enthusiast, consider a gift card to the best hair salon in Davie. With this card, your loved one can opt for anything from a haircut or highlights to a full color or a hair treatment in Davie. If your loved one isn’t local to our top hair salon in South Florida, a gift card to a beauty supply store will also be well received. 

Want to purchase a gift card for your Valentine before the big day arrives? Call us at (954) 543 0758 or stop by the best Davie hair salon today. 

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