Valentine’s Day: Socially Distanced Date Night Ideas & Hairstyle Inspiration

Amid a global pandemic, holiday celebrations as we know them have been canceled from one season to the next. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, the occasion that is typically celebrated with fine dining and romantic outings does not have to meet the same fate. Whether you plan to spend the most romantic day of the year with your partner or with your favorite canine, there are plenty of ways to stay safe (and sport a fabulous hairstyle) while celebrating:

1. Pair a Chignon with an Outdoor Picnic

Although many restaurants near our hair salon in Davie are still restricting in-house dining, a plethora of them are offering meals to go for Valentine’s Day. If you’d prefer not to cook, this is also a great way to support a local business. From there, you can create a romantic picnic scene under the stars in your favorite park or even in your own backyard. Pair this date with a classic chignon for an unforgettable (and socially distant) date night.

2. “Curl” Up on The Couch with a Movie

If you’ve been rocking the same messy bun around the house, letting your hair down and adding a few curls can set the tone for your Valentine’s Day celebration. For an easy curly look, divide your hair into four sections and then twist each section and secure it in place before bed. When you wake up, you will be greeted with perfect, luscious curls that will leave you looking like a movie star. Turn on a movie and relish a chance to kick back and take it all in—whether you are enjoying your canine’s company or spending time with a loved one.

3. Go for a Drive in Braids

Some of the best drives are those that don’t have a planned destination or a time limit. Take a romantic ride and explore some of the beautiful sights near our top Davie hair salon or grab your favorite drive-through menu items from each restaurant. Weather permitting, you can also roll the windows down and enjoy a cool evening breeze while listening to your favorite songs. With a messy French braid, you can spice up your style without having to worry about windblown tangles as you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

4. Blow-Out of Town

Even with social distancing measures in effect, you can still plan a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend getaway. This presents a perfect reason to rent a cozy cabin in a secluded area where you can spend the weekend in front of a raging fire, soaking in a hot tub or exploring nature. Before heading out, be sure to give yourself a thorough blow-out to ensure good hair days on your mini vacation.

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