Trending Spring Hair Colors

After a harsh winter, spring arrives and greets us with plenty of sunshine, blooming flowers, and chirping birds. This renewal in the weather often prompts us to make a series of changes, be it spring cleaning or a fresh new hair color. While we can’t organize that garage you’ve been avoiding, we can recommend some of the trendiest spring hair colors to embrace the season of rebirth:

1.Honey Blonde

This rich blonde hue isn’t as dramatic as the icy blondes that are popular in the summer making it suitable for varying complexions. It adds warmth to your look and can be customized to fit your preferences for a light or dark blonde. 

2. Balayage with Pastels

While balayage itself refers to a technique for painting dye on the hair, it typically goes hand in hand with a light brown or blonde color. This spring; however, fashionistas around the globe are pairing the technique with pastel hues. This is a fun look and can be done with any pastel color, from pinks and purples to blues and greens. 

3. Chunky Highlights

If the mere mention of chunky highlights brings up memories of the early 2000’s era, relax! Today’s chunky highlights are nothing at all like the skunk-like stripes of the past. Instead, these thick highlights are well blended which aids in reducing the contrast between the highlights and your base color. This look adds dimension and warmth to your complexion without making a major change.

4. Nude Hues

The nude hair color trend isn’t an aim to mimic the color of your skin tone. Instead, it aims to bring back the natural blonde shade you may have sported as a child before it was ever dyed or before it darkened to brown. While most trendy blonde colors fall on the warm or cool spectrum, this one is totally in-between: a neutral blonde. The most intriguing aspect of the neutral hue is that is truly is flattering on everyone.

5.  Embracing Grays

Amidst the global pandemic and salon shutdowns last year, many women found themselves facing their worst fear: exposed grays. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a freeing experience for a lot of those who once hid them at all costs. This season, expect to see those grays growing out and on display as women embrace their natural colors.

6. Face Framing Highlights

One of the trendiest looks of the season is face framing highlights. These highlights make use of the balayage technique to add two vibrant strands of color around the face. This look usually pairs with more subtle balayage throughout the rest of the hair and a darker base color.

7. Strawberry Blonde

The subtle blend of blonde and red make strawberry blonde a go-to shade for spring. This year, the color is more popular than ever and it is a color that can easily carry over from season to season. 

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