How to Choose a Flattering Cut Based on Your Face Shape

Have you ever taken the leap and gotten a trendy haircut only to discover the look is not as flattering as you imagined it would be? This is a common problem, especially in today’s social media savvy world. Trending styles dominate newsfeeds and suddenly, everyone wants the same style despite the fact that each person has a different look. Naturally, some cuts will look fabulous on some and lackluster on others. So, how do you know if the cut you have in mind is right for you?

When it comes to honing in on the perfect haircut, the most critical detail lies in the shape of your face:


A person with a round face usually has full, rounded cheeks and a face that is similar in length and width. The ideal haircut will offer a slimming effect that balances out the fullness of the cheeks and adds length to the face. The best way to achieve this is with a full, voluminous haircut at the best Davie hair salon. If you prefer to go short, be sure to choose a style that adds volume to the crown of the head and aim for chin-length pieces in front of the face. For longer locks, consider a mid-length lob or a cut that features a lot of choppy layers. Some of the most popular looks for round faces include:

  • Asymmetrical Bobs
  • Mid-length Lobs
  • Side Fringes
  • The Modern “Shag”

Be sure to avoid: soft, wispy bangs.


Heart shaped faces are similar to that of round faces, but true heart shapes feature more prominent foreheads and a narrower jawline. The biggest focus of a flattering haircut for a heart shaped face lies in minimizing the focus on the forehead and adding length and fullness to the chin instead. This usually consists of adding in wispy bangs or choosing a mid-length style that creates the illusion of a less narrow chin and jawline. Ask your best Davie hair salon stylists for one of these looks:

  • Wispy Bangs
  • Mid-Length Lobs
  • Layered Bobs
  • Face Framing Layers

Be sure to avoid: blunt bangs.


A person with a square face shape will have a strong jawline and a squared chin. The best looks for this face shape will hone in on softening these bold features. It is best to avoid ultra-short cuts like pixie cuts and aim for a length that extends beyond the chin. Likewise, haircuts should be soft instead of angular with textured layers and side parts. Consider asking your Davie hair salon stylist for:

  • Long Bobs
  • Shoulder Length with Layers
  • Side Parts or Side Bangs
  • Modern Shag

Be sure to avoid: blunt bobs.


Those with oval face shapes have the most symmetrical look. To be classified as an oval shape, the face is longer than it is wide, the jawline is soft and the widest area is the cheeks. Because of this, nearly every style is flattering. In this instance, rely on your own personal preference whether it is long with layers, mid-length with blunt bangs or a short tousled pixie.

Ready for a haircut that will flatter your face shape while staying trendy? Schedule an appointment at the Best Davie Hair Salon today by calling (954) 543 0758.

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