3 Shocking Ways the Pandemic is Affecting Your Appearance

While the world recovers from the global pandemic, many are noting strange side effects. Dilemmas like “covid nails”, rashes and hair loss rank at the top of the list. Although these phenomenons are not uncommon after recovering from a serious illness, the problems are also affecting those who believe they never came into contact with the virus. Not surprisingly, this may be due to the stress experienced as a result of job loss, child care dilemmas and other stressful factors. Discover the shocking ways the pandemic may still be affecting your appearance:

Hair Loss

While hair loss in itself is a natural process of the hair life cycle, those who are losing much more than usual find it alarming. Those who have recovered from Covid-19 are reporting that they are experiencing rapid hair loss months after the initial infection took place, however it isn’t limited to those who were infected. The concept known as telogen effluvium is responsible for the hair loss in either scenario. This is because telogen effluvium is essentially hair loss due to stress. This stress can be physical, such as in those who were battling Covid-19 or mental, for those who found the situation particularly stressful. Fortunately, as the world (and your life) regains a sense of normalcy, the problem will resolve on its own without treatment.

If your hair loss is significant and you are looking for a way to hide it, consider hair extensions at the best Davie hair salon. A new haircut or a different color can also make the hair loss less noticeable. 

Damaged Nails

Throughout the pandemic, we were advised to increase hand washing and sanitizing efforts. For many, this has led to dry, cracked skin on the hands and damaged nails. While you should still continue cleansing your hands as often as possible, switching to a gentler formula enhanced with moisturizers can help. To further combat dry hands, use a hand cream regularly and use nail oil directly on your nails. 

Under Eye Bags

Whether you were unable to work, worked from home or had to act as a teacher to children during closures, many of us suffered quite a few sleepless nights. This high level of stress paired with less sleep can lead to serious under eye bags that you may not have experienced before. If you’re looking for a way to lessen their appearance without buying a pricey eye cream, consider using cold compresses, drying more water and eating iron rich foods. Increasing your amount and quality of sleep is most effective, however, if possible.

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