Overnight Hairstyles for Busy Back To School Days

After a long summer break filled with late nights and vacations, it can be difficult to adjust to an early morning schedule. This is especially true if you spent the last year attending remote classes that required little more than changing out of your pajamas. If you’re looking for simple hairstyles that will leave your hair looking fabulous without extending your morning routine, consider overnight hairstyles for busy back to school days.

Flawless Curls

Whether you have natural curls or stick straight hair, you can easily achieve flawless curls overnight. The biggest benefit of this style is that it doesn’t require the use of any harsh heating tools. To pull it off, begin by washing and conditioning your hair as normal. Allow your hair to air dry until it is slightly damp and then spritz with a spray gel. From there, brush your hair out and then create two small ponytails in the front of your hair and two in the back. Wrap the lengths of the ponytails around the base and pin them in place. Remove them in the morning and finger comb your locks until they are blended together. Spray with a light hold hairspray and viola! You will have voluminous curls that last all day with little effort. 

Mermaid Waves

Much like overnight curls, overnight mermaid waves do not require the use heating tools and can spare you from excessive styling time in the morning. To get long lasting waves, second day hair works best. Spritz your hair with a light hold gel spray and then braid into sections. Several small braids will create tight waves while a few large ones will create loose ones. Take out the braids in the morning and fluff the hair with your fingers for perfect mermaid waves in minutes.

Plopping for Natural Curls

Those who have natural curls know all too well that bedhead is the real enemy. Frizz and tangles can make it impossible to have a good hair day without washing and time-consuming primping in the morning. Those who have natural curls; however, can ensure their locks are low maintenance in the morning with a technique known as plopping. This requires placing your hair in the center of an old t-shirt and then using the sleeves to tie it around your head. Sleep with the t-shirt in place overnight and wake up to perfectly scrunched curls. 

Added Volume and Texture 

If you’re not looking for a drastic change to your everyday look, consider adding a little volume and texture. This style gives your look an extra “oomph” without needing to use a hair straightener or blow dryer in the morning. To get the look, work a little of your favorite styling products through your hair. Brush your hair to ensure it is free from knots or tangles and then pull it up into a loose bun before bed. When you remove the bun in the morning, you will be greeted with volume and texture with no effort.

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