Treat yourself this valentine’s day: top salon services in Davie

Whether you plan to spend Valentine’s Day alone, with friends, or with a romantic partner, pampering yourself for the occasion is a must. Discover the top salon services in Davie:

Keratin Treatment

If you love your current cut and color, there are plenty of other salon services to indulge in to mark the occasion. A keratin treatment in Davie is one of the most popular services and clients can’t stop raving about the results. This chemical process is designed to de-frizz and smooth while adding lustrous shine. It is ideal for straight hair, but can also be used for those who wish to loosen or remove their curls altogether. The results last anywhere from six weeks to six months with hair that looks straight from the salon every day.


Although not all hair salons in Davie provide manicures and pedicures, our salon is proud to offer a wide range of options. A client favorite is our non-toxic and vegan manicure which makes use of a long-lasting, highly pigmented polish that contains no harmful chemicals or animal byproducts. There are multiple color options and you can feel as good as you look knowing that your polish is safe and fabulous.

Hair Extensions

While most people envision ultra-long locks when they think of hair extensions, they can also be used to enhance thickness. This is particularly helpful for those who have experienced mild hair loss or damage. If you are unsure about extensions, you can opt for inexpensive varieties or clip-in versions that can be removed each night before bed. 

Hair Glossing

For those who want to restore shine or revive an existing color, hair glossing is a fantastic, damage-free option. This process uses a single application process that does not lift color. Instead, color or gloss is deposited on the hair which can deter brassiness, add shine or deepen your base color– without the damaging effects of permanent hair colors. 

L’Oreal Serie Expert Powermix Treatment

We are all guilty of abusing our locks and causing damage. Whether through heated styling tools, frequent shampooing, harsh hair colors or too much time in the sun, the damage is inevitable. Over time, damage can lead to hair woes like split ends, lackluster color, dryness, and breakage. With the L’Oreal Serie Expert Powermix treatment, this damage can be remedied. Through unique technology, damaged hair is instantly transformed. The end result is stronger strands that are more manageable, shinier and smoother. 

Hand or Foot Massage

Each day, your hands and feet are subjected to repetitive motions. While most people opt for back massages, the hands and feet can become equally sore and tense. A  simple 10-minute hand or foot massage can provide relief from months of typing or walking. Add in a manicure or pedicure for the ultimate rejuvenating experience. 

Ready to book one of these indulgent services at the best Davie hair salon? Give us a call at (954) 543-0758 today.

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