5 Ways to Improve the Condition of Your Hair

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Dry scalp, split ends and breakage: these hair woes affect the best of us. In an attempt to revive this damaged and lackluster hair, many turn to excessive shampooing and heated styling tool as a remedy. Unfortunately, these tactics intended to amp up your ‘do may actually be the cause of your dull tresses. To ensure your hair is healthy and looks its best, consider these 5 strategies for improving the condition of your hair:

1. Skip the Daily Shampoo

Regardless of how fantastic your shampoo and conditioner are, the simple fact is that many people over wash their hair. This causes the hair to dry out, making it prone to split ends and breakage. Likewise, it can cause your scalp to become itchy and flakey. While there is no ideal number of times to shampoo your hair each week, seeing as each hair texture has different needs, aim to keep the number of washes to a minimum. Instead, rinse your hair with cold water between shampooing and use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and freshen your strands.

2. Use Less Heat

Blow-drying, straightening and curling all take their toll on your luscious locks. To minimize damage caused by heat and improve the overall condition of your hair, allow your hair to air-dry as much as possible. If you are dependent on your straightening or curling iron for your go-to style, consider experimenting with new ones. There are countless ways to ensure your hair looks fabulous without using damaging heat, such as overnight curls or textured beachy waves. For days when using a blow-dryer or heating tool is a must, prep your hair first with a protective spray.

3.  Get Regular Trims

Although getting regular trims to make your locks grow faster is a method up for debate, there is no question that frequent trims keeps your hair looking fresh and healthy. Additionally, getting a trim every six to twelve weeks at your favorite South Florida hair salon can help reduce the number of split ends you experience.

4. Splurge on Hair Treatments

Services like keratin and conditioning treatments in a professional Davie Florida hair salon are certainly helpful for decreasing your level of stress after a hectic week. These treatments are not just about the sensation of being pampered, however, they can be crucial in repairing damage and infusing moisture into your hair.

5. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Aside from caring for your hair properly, one of the greatest influences in the health of your hair is your diet. For strong and shiny strands, eat a well-balanced diet that is reach in iron, proteins and vitamin B. Foods like leafy green vegetables, salon, almonds, eggs and avocados are exceptionally crucial for prime hair health.

Are your locks in need of repair and rejuvenation? Contact the best hair salon in Davie Florida today at (954) 543-0758 to restore your hair’s strength and shine.

Skip the D.I.Y. Approach for These Styles

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Seemingly simple and inexpensive solutions to your hair woes are everywhere. From television commercials to the aisles of your local South Florida pharmacy, there is a D.I.Y. kit for every hair concern imaginable. Regardless of whether you fantasize about transforming your stick straight hair into spiral curls, hiding your grays, going platinum blonde or trying a daring new cut, the temptation for a quick fix greets you at every turn. Many of these D.I.Y. kits seem too good to be true and unfortunately, a lot of times they are. So, which ones area safe to use and which ones should you avoid?


One of the biggest D.I.Y. mistakes people make is utilizing a perm kit that is designed for at home use. For starters, these kits contain harsh chemicals which permanently alter the texture of your hair. In a salon, a professional will first evaluate the condition of your hair to ensure that it is strong and healthy enough to undergo the process. If you are not familiar with the perming process, it is all too easy to underestimate its effects and destroy your hair. Likewise, many people are unaware of just how tightly they curl their hair before applying the solution. This often results in frizzy, small curls which are not the desired result. To get the curls you are after and prevent extreme damage, skip the at home perms and consult a professional hair stylist.


Much like perms, relaxers contain chemical compounds which alter the structure of your hair molecules. If not done correctly, you can cause major damage to your vivacious locks. Relaxers and straightening treatments are best left to the pros.

Hair Colors

Generally speaking, box dyes intended for at home use are much harsher on your hair than the dye used in a professional salon. While you will receive the best results in a salon, if your hair is in good condition, you can get away with using box dyes between appointments. Be sure to keep the shade within two shades of your current color, however, to eliminate major damage or unexpected results.


If you are interested in going platinum blonde, the allure of a box bleach may be too hard to resist. You leave the pharmacy with visions of the icy platinum blonde depicted on the box dancing in your head. After applying it, however, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Instead of icy blonde, you are left with a color that somehow features fifty shades of brassy orange. This is one of the biggest problems we encounter here in our Davie Florida hair salon and it can be difficult and time consuming to correct. While we are able to tone down the brassiness, it often takes several appointments to achieve acceptable results and it can take much longer if your hair was severely damaged due to the bleaching process. If you plan to make a drastic color change, it will likely take several appointments with a professional to reach your goal. This minimizes damage and ensures the best results and although a box dye seems like a faster solution, this is one gamble that never quite pans out in anyone’s favor.

Gray Coverage

When gray hair makes an appearance, most people want to cover them immediately. As hair grows quickly, it’s no surprise that it is difficult for many to get to the salon every few weeks. There are a plethora of products designed to cover grays but permanent dyes are not always the best solution. If you do opt to cover your grays with a permanent dye, be sure to match the color of the dye to current color and only apply it to the areas where it is needed to minimize damage. Your best option, however, is to use a temporary root cover up product until you can get to the salon to avoid mismatched roots or patches.


Sharp hair cutting scissors and guides can be found at most local beauty supply stores, along with clippers and a number of other tools of the trade. These tools are great to have handy for quick and minor trims or full on buzz cuts but for a totally new style or an edgy fringe, you’re best bet is to leave it to the professionals to avoid crooked bangs or drastically uneven locks.

While at home perms or bleach kits seem harmless and fool-proof, they can cause an extensive amount of damage to your hair. From hair falling out to orange hair, we see an immense amount of clients here in our top Davie Florida hair salon who require major corrections from D.I.Y. hair attempts. The time, money and frustration involved with these corrections typically exceeds that of the original services. If you are considering making a drastic change, call (954) 543 0758 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists to ensure flawless results.

Hair Hacks From a Pro

Hair Hacks From a Pro

You may not have an extensive background in cosmetology like the expert stylists at your local Davie hair salon, but that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of lackluster hair. For brilliant locks with minimal effort and know-how, explore these quick hair hacks from pro:

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Try Overnight Curls

As a child, you probably remember sleeping in your braided pigtails and waking up the next morning to fascinatingly wavy hair. Unfortunately, over the years, we tend to turn to quicker solutions for styling hair such as curling irons and blow dryers which can be harmful when used in excess. Recapture this childhood phenomenon and curl your hair while you sleep. Over night curls (or waves) can be achieved using several techniques. One of the most popular is as simple as dividing your hair into four even sections and twisting each one into a small, secured bun before turning in for the night. Simply remove the clips or hair ties and reveal fabulous hassle-free curls in the morning. This is a huge time saver and reduces the amount of heat damage your locks are exposed to.

Tame Flyaways with A Toothbrush

Mastering a perfectly polished ponytail is an art form. After tediously removing any bumps or lumps, flyaways quickly become the number one enemy. Instead of redoing the style entirely, spray an old toothbrush with hair spray and use it to brush down these unruly strands. The small bristled will catch each tiny hair and the hair spray will hold them in place.

Use Cornstarch For 2nd (or 3rd) Day Hair

We’ve all been there: sudden plans and no time to wash your oily locks. While dry shampoo is a miraculous product, if you find yourself without your go-to powder, use cornstarch instead. Apply directly to the roots and allow the powder to sit for several minutes. It will absorb the oil quickly and refresh your locks. If your hair is dark, add a little cocoa powder to avoid any noticeable white specs.

Tame Frizz with Lotion

Humid South Florida weather has a way of summoning frizzy hair. Naturally, your Davie Florida hair salon has probably introduced you to a premium anti-frizz serum which keeps the frizz at bay. If you’re caught without it, however, smoothing a dab of hand lotion through your strands will work in a pinch.

Color in Your Part with Eyeshadow

For those with dark hair, a part in your hair often reveals your scalp. This creates a lot od contrast which can make your hair appear thin and stringy. By filling in this space with an eyeshadow that matches your locks, your hair will look noticeably thicker in an instant.

Do your strands need more attention than these hacks can provide? Contact us today at (954) 543-0758 to book an appointment with one of our local South Florida hair stylists.

A Guide to Donating to Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a fantastic charitable organization that many of the best hair salons in Davie, Florida, and countless others around the country, are proud to support. Their mission is to provide wigs made of natural human hair to children who have temporarily or permanently lost their own because of illness, severe injury or disease. To make this possible, the charity relies heavily upon hair donations from members of the community. If you are interested in donating your hair to support this cause, it is crucial to book an appointment at a South Florida hair salon that is familiar with the guidelines. It is also advisable to become familiar with them before making your first donation to understand what to expect. Consider these helpful guidelines for donating your locks to Locks of Love.

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Length Requirements

To be manufactured into a wig for children in need, the program requires a length of a minimum of 10 inches. If the hair is curly, it can be stretched out to meet this requirement. If your hair is not long enough to fulfill this need, it may still be accepted and sold to aid in decreasing the costs of wig manufacturing.

For hair of any length to be deemed viable for donation, it must be bundled together in a ponytail or in a braid prior to cutting. This means that hair that has been gathered after being cut is not viable for donation.

Colored and Treated Hair

Hair that has been colored using a dye that does not contain bleach is useable for Locks of Love purposes, as is most permed or otherwise treated hair. Unfortunately, however, if your locks have been bleached or highlighted, they are not usable. This is due to a reaction that is created with the bleached hair during the manufacturing phase.

Gray or Layered Hair

As the wigs are being developed for children, gray or white hair is not utilized. Likewise, if your hair has a number of layers that fall below 10 inches, only those strands meeting the minimum length will be useable. Gray hair and shorter layers will be sold, however, and the proceeds will be donated to the Locks of Love organization.

How to Send

If you are interested in donating your hair to support this cause, be sure that the hair is secured tightly in a ponytail or braid. It should also be clean and thoroughly dried before being placed in a plastic bag. Afterwards, place the plastic bag in an envelope and simply mail it to the designated donation address:

Locks of Love

234 Southern Blvs.,

West Palm Beach FL 33405-2701

As an added bonus, local hair salons in Florida may offer a discount on the cost of your haircut if your strands are being donated. If you are considering a short hair do to keep up with this year’s cropped hair trend, donating your hair to Locks of Love presents an excellent opportunity to help those in need while also allowing you to rock the most cutting-edge trends.

Want to schedule an appointment to donate your hair to Locks of Love? Contact our experienced Davie, Florida hair stylists today at (954) 543 0758.

The Most Flattering Cut and Style for Your Face Shape

It has happened to everyone: you see a fabulous haircut and style on a celebrity or co-worker and decide to try it out for yourself. Your skilled stylist cuts and styles your locks to perfection, but it simply does not look as great as it did on someone else. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is quite simple, the cut and style were not right for your face shape. Whether rounded or squared, the truth is that there are a handful of cuts and styles that are remarkably more flattering on certain face shapes than others. To avoid this common beauty blunder, first be sure to identify your face shape.

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Identifying Your Face Shape

While some faces have blatant shapes, others may take a little more work to nail down. To identify your face shape accurately, there are two popular methods: taking a photo or using a ruler. For quick results, pull your hair away from your face and snap a picture. Print the photo out and use a pen to create dots at the top, bottom and both sides of your face. Afterwards, connect the dots and note the shape that is created, and you will be able to more easily determine the shape of your face.

For a more accurate approach, grab a ruler and measure your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and the length of your entire face. By noting the larger measurements, you can easily decipher which features are more prominent and best align with the characteristics of each shape. If you are still struggling to determine the shape of your face, any professional stylist in a South Florida salon should be able to assist you.


Rounded faces will typically have a circular appearance with soft angles. The length of the cheekbones will generally be close to that of the entire face length. For this shape, it is best to keep the length of the hair no shorter than chin length. Shorter styles may further emphasize the width of the cheekbones, as do styles with wispy bangs or large curls. Instead, opt for a sleek style with bold bangs to slim the face.


Unlike rounded face shapes, if you have a squared face, you will have sharp angles and all of your face measurements will be similar. To add a touch of softness to this well-defined shape, advise your Davie FL stylist to cut your hair in a way that features long layers and wispy bangs. As for styles, waves and curls create a flattering contrast against your bold jawline.


Oval shaped faces are the most versatile when it comes to complimentary hairdos. An oval face will be longer than it is wide, yet the jawline will be slightly shorter than the hairline. The key to the most favorable look is simply keeping the proportions of your face looking as they are. Before heading to your local Davie, Florida hair salon, prepare to avoid styles that are all one length or include blunt bangs which transform the appearance of your face.

While there are numerous face shapes, these three are the most common. By understanding how different haircuts and styles can alter the natural shape of your face, you can ensure that you look your best after each trip to the salon. In Davie, Florida, we pride ourselves on making our clients look and feel their best. To get the best haircut and style for your face shape, contact us today at (954) 543-0758 to schedule an appointment!

Balayage, Ombre and Sombre: Top Trends Defined

Long gone are the days of basic black, brown, red or blonde hair colors. In today’s day and age, colors are multi-dimensional and packed full of highlights and lowlights to create either a natural and subtle effect or a dramatic and inventive style. Regardless of your signature style, any hair salon in Davie, FL knows that the hottest trends in color are anything but basic. From balayage to ombre and sombre, each of these top color fads create a different end result. Understanding the differences in these terms before entering a hair salon in South Florida will ensure that you get the look that you have been dreaming of.

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Despite many referring to “balayage” as a hair color, it is a term used to describe a hair dye application technique. Essentially, with balayage, hair dye is hand painted onto the hair in a sweeping motion. This gives a much more natural appearance than you would receive with highlights that begin directly at the roots. Instead, the dye is applied in areas where natural lightening would occur from sun exposure. This technique can be used with any hair color but is most typically associated with lighter hues like golden or platinum blondes on blonde or light brown hair and rich caramels on black or brown shades.  Utilizing this set of hues, a Davie hair stylist can create a multi-dimensional and natural look that does not result in harsh contrasting lines as your hair grows.


Unlike balayage, ombre is not a technique. Instead, it refers to a gradient color effect. With ombre, a color gradually gets lighter from the roots to the ends. The result is less natural looking than a balayage but requires very little maintenance. As there is generally no color at the roots, the style can be maintained for up to a year without the need to apply more color. An ombre hair color effect can be created with any hue, from traditional blondes to wild purples but these shades are drastically lighter at the ends. An ombre hair stylist in Davie, FL can help you in determining which shades are best for your preferred ombre style.


Dip-dye refers to a technique that is used to apply hair dye to the hair instead of an actual hair color effect. It is often mistaken for ombre, but the two are very different. With ombre, the change in color is subtle and gradual. With dip-dye, the hair is dipped into hair dye which creates a blunt color line. The color line usually starts half way between the roots and the ends or slightly above the ends.


Sombre is a newer trend in South Florida hair salons, but it is comparable to ombre. It also refers to a gradient color effect, however it is less harsh than a traditional ombre. Likewise, it is not as natural as a balayage style. Generally, a sombre hair color effect will result in hair that is lighter at the ends but there is only a 3 or 4 shade difference from the roots.

Are you interested in a cutting-edge and trendy hair color using one of these popular techniques? Contact our top Davie, FL hair salon today at (954) 543-0758 to schedule a consultation!

Treat Yourself to a Day at the Salon

From financial woes to career concerns, no one is immune to stress. With stress levels in the United States consistently on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are taking time to decompress and care for yourself. One of the greatest ways to kick back and relax is by taking a trip to the hair salon. In Davie, Florida, you have a number of top salons at your fingertips. To ensure the most relaxing experience, be sure to look for a hair salon with an environment that is conducive to relieving stress:

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Comfortable Chairs and Attentive Stylists

A skilled hairstylist can certainly make you look like a million bucks, but an excellent one will also ensure that you are comfortable and have all of your needs met. This can be interpreted differently depending upon your preferences, but all Florida salons should be equipped with comfortable, high-quality chairs. While this may seem insignificant, the relaxing benefits of a trip to the salon cannot fully be experienced if you are experiencing discomfort while sitting in the chair. Likewise, the environment should be quiet and free of distractions and your stylist should be focused on your comfort throughout the duration of your visit.

Vent or Zone Out

Hair stylists in Florida, and those around the globe, have an uncanny ability to act as therapists to their clients. From small dilemmas to major life decisions, hair stylists hear it all. While you may not feel comfortable dishing out your deepest secrets to your stylist, venting about your day to someone who will not judge you is a major source of stress relief. If you, on the other hand, find silence more therapeutic, simply close your eyes and relax. Your stylist should understand that you prefer not to make small talk and stick to only the hair related questions.

Avoid Dramatic Changes

Opting for a dramatic new hairdo can be more nerve wracking than stress relieving. If you are looking for stress relief and pampering, consider saving a drastic change for a time when you are less in need of a mental break. Instead, choose a cut and style that you know will look fantastic. If you aren’t in the market for a fresh style, a trim, shampoo or blowout can offer the same sense of being pampered.

Consider Other Services

Hair salons in South Florida often offer services that extend beyond cuts, colors and styles. Many of them also offer waxing, manicures, pedicures or even tanning in the same establishment. By taking advantage of these added services, you can truly make a day of pampering yourself right here in your local Davie, FL hair salon. Not only is the experience crucial for relaxation, studies have actually proven that trips to the spa or salon can decrease stress levels, boost your confidence and improve your all around mood.

In need of a day of pampering? Call and schedule an appointment in our Florida hair salon today at (954) 543-0758.