Surprising Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists

Need your locks to look as glitzy as a Hollywood celebrity? Celebrity hairstylists who have created amazing fashion forward and unique hairstyles for Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and many more, shared valuable tips on how to make your hair shine like a star and we took notes! Take a look at some of the best tips that celebrity hairstylists have to offer on immediately enhancing the health and appearance of your hair like a pro.

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Deep Condition for Glossy Tresses

If your hair is rough and frizzy, create a DIY deep conditioning treatment. Begin by shampooing your hair as usual and generously applying your favorite conditioner. Instead of rinsing out the conditioner, leave it in place. Afterwards, start the hair treatment by wetting a towel, placing it in the microwave and heating it until it is comfortably hot. Carefully remove the towel from the microwave and wrap it around your head so that all of your hair is covered. Leave the towel on until it has cooled entirely. This treatment helps the conditioner soak deeper into each strand of hair, leaving you with glossy, smooth and silky tresses. You can also go to a natural hair salon to get this treatment.

It’s All About the Scalp

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin says that it is important to have a healthy scalp. If you want your hair to look like J-Lo, stop focusing on the ends of the hair and work on your scalp. An excessive number of people are focused solely on the length of hair; however, the overall health of your strands is determined by the condition of your scalp. Use products that are lightweight and can be easily applied from the scalp to the ends for strong hair. To further enhance the performance of your hair products, use your fingers to massage them directly into your scalp. This will help stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth.

Less is More

With so many products readily available on the market today, many people find themselves using numerous hair products. This is essentially because they believe that more is better, and this will lead to healthier locks, but celebrity stylists do not try too hard to achieve this feat. The key is to use fewer, more powerful products. Essentially, you can achieve celebrity status hair by using only the right products, instead of using all of them.

Experiment Before Coloring

Hair coloring in Florida, and around the globe is tricky. It’s best to pick a shade that is only a few shades darker or lighter than your actual hair color. A pro tip is to go to your closest hair or wig shop and experiment with a couple of various options to see which suits you best. This can truly enable you to figure out what shade you should go for without taking a risk.

Consider Hair Health

The most important factor in having celebrity hair, is to keep it heathy above all else. Healthy hair is naturally glossy, smooth and easy to manage which makes hairstyling a lot simpler, with better end results. With dull, damaged and weak hair, a lot of effort is needed to get the perfect hairstyle so give your hair the attention it deserves. Schedule regular hair treatments in Davie Florida, get regular trims and do not overdo it with products or heating tools.

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Holiday Hair Tips for Every Event

As the holiday season draws nearer, the invitations to family get togethers, business gatherings and other festive events seem to multiple. With so many special occasions emerging on the calendar, it is only natural to begin to plan which look you will sport to each one. While your favorite little black dress may appear more than once throughout the season, simply changing your hairstyle will ensure that your style remains fresh for every bash. For an unforgettable look each time, explore these holiday hair tips:

celebration christmas dress fashion

The Magic Ponytail

Hair extensions in Davie, and the surrounding areas, are a fantastic option if you are looking to add noticeable length or volume to your hair. With the holidays approaching and a large shopping list, however, you may not want to invest in long lasting extensions. To add a bit of glamour to your hair style without splurging, simply try the magic ponytail. To get the look, gather the length of your hair and create a low ponytail that falls at the nape of your neck. Take the remaining hair on the top of your head and create a higher ponytail. The length of the higher ponytail will cover the lower one and give the illusion of much longer locks.

Add a Little Color

Want to make a dazzling and daring entrance to your best friend’s holiday party but need to look like a professional again the next day? Consider sprucing up your hair style with a bold temporary color. Hair coloring in Davie can be achieved using temporary, semi-permanent or permanent dyes. If you are only looking to add some color for a special event, skip the trip to the salon and invest in a dye that will wash out. This will allow you to create a festive look without damaging your mane (or your professional reputation). From reds to golds and everything in between, a dash of color can make your average style extraordinary with little effort.

Give Your Locks Some TLC

Hair treatments near Pembroke Pines are an excellent investment. Regardless of the texture of your natural hair, salons are equipped with everything from Keratin smoothing treatments to intensive damage repair solutions. While hair treatments alone are certainly not a holiday style, treating yourself to one will ensure that your hair is healthy, glossy and manageable so that you can look your best in all of those holiday selfies.

Fabulous in Five Minutes

It happens to the best of us: a meeting runs late; the babysitter doesn’t show on time or you’ve simply overbooked, and you have only a few minutes to create an elegant hair style for an important engagement. Whether your hair is on the shorter side or down to your knees, never underestimate the power of a quick chignon. To achieve the totally polished and chic look, you need only five minutes, a comb and a few bobby pins. Spruce up your look with some jewelry, slip into your dress and you are ready for any formal occasion.

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Craving a Change Without a Cut: Explore Your Options

There comes a time in everyone’s life when their go-to hair style simply becomes boring. Regardless of how flattering or trendy your ‘do is, you simply crave a drastic change but do not want to lose any length to your locks. Although a cut is the most dramatic alteration you can make to your hair, there are plenty of other options to spice up your style. Explore these cut-free options:

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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add length and volume to your hair. This can create an entirely new look without the permanence of other options. If you are interested in extensions, be sure to do your research and decide which type of extensions are best for your lifestyle, as well as your budget. Synthetic hair extensions, for instance, are much more affordable than those which incorporate real human hair, however there is a notable difference in quality. Synthetic hair extensions do not last as long as authentic hair extensions and cannot be styled with heating tools like hair dryers or curling irons. In the event that you do not intend to leave your extensions in place for a long period of time, synthetic may a more budget-friendly option, however many prefer the durability and quality of natural ones. Like with the extensions themselves, there is a wide range of ways that these extensions can be installed. Some salons may prefer to use tape or glue while a more natural hair salon may prefer to sew them in. You may have a personal preference on how you would like to be installed so be sure to inquire about the process beforehand. Above all, locating a professional with plenty of experience is key when having extensions properly installed. Fortunately, there is no shortage of experts on hair extensions in Davie.

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring in Davie is one of the most popular options for creating a new look. Every hue from black to blue is available at any local salon near Pembroke Pines. If you are unsure of which color will be most flattering for your skin tone, hair stylists are happy to guide you through the process. It is important to note, however, that if you are looking for a radical change (from black to platinum blonde, for example) it may take several appointments to achieve your desired results. This is done to ensure adequate results and minimize the amount of damage that is done to your hair throughout the hair coloring process.

Hair Treatments

If you prefer a more natural hair salon experience, hair treatments in Davie may be what you are looking for. Depending on your natural hair, salon stylists can recommend a treatment that can smooth, straighten or infuse moisture. While this may not seem like an extreme transformation, a hair treatment can easily take your dull locks to a luscious mane. As an added bonus, hair treatments are usually undetectable, and you will simply appear to be having the best hair days of your life following your appointment.

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Weekend Hair Care Essentials

As another long work week comes to a halt, the weekend presents an exceptional opportunity to relax and let loose in Davie, Florida. Whether your idea of a rejuvenating weekend involves binge watching your favorite series on the couch or spending quality time in the great outdoors with the kids, it is easy to neglect your daily beauty regime. Although many of us are guilty of tossing our usually polished locks into a messy bun for the weekend, you do not have to completely abandon your hair care routine for a relaxing weekend. To keep your strands looking like you’ve had a fresh hair treatment in Davie all weekend long, consider these weekend hair care essentials:

adorable back view blur bun

1. Dry Shampoo

Any natural hair salon in Davie, Florida is equipped with professional stylists who recommended forgoing daily shampooing. This is because cleansing your hair too frequently can strip your strands of their natural oil; causing a lackluster look along with a dry scalp and an increased risk of damage. Unfortunately for those who have naturally oily hair, skipping a shampoo session or two over the weekend means oily and limp locks. To restore volume and eliminate oil with little effort, apply a dry shampoo to your roots before heading out for the day. Your hair will look good enough to forgo the messy bun for the entire weekend without using overly harsh shampoos.

2. Sea Salt Spray

If your weekend includes attending a formal event in South Florida, your best bet to keep your weekend stress free is to visit a hair salon near Pembroke Pines. Highly renowned stylists in the area will allow you to relax while creating a glamorous style. For the rest of us, however, there is often no need to sport a perfectly polished hairdo on the weekend. For a simple style that only looks complicated, apply a sea salt spray to the hair and lightly scrunch the lengths. The result is a carefree beachy wave that looks like you spent hours perfecting the style with a curling iron.

3. Temporary Root Touch Up Product

So your dark roots or grays are starting to peak through your hair color, but there is no availability for hair coloring in Davie, Florida on such short notice. Instead of attempting a D.I.Y. dye job at home before a night on the town, invest in a temporary root touch up product. There are numerous hues available as well as different formats from powders and gels to wash-in formulas. Application is simple and the product acts as an excellent camouflage until you can get an appointment with your favorite South Florida hair stylist.

4. Clip-On Hair Extension

Hair extensions in Davie, Florida are a popular choice for those who lack volume or length. If you’re seeking a more glamorous look but do not have time to have extensions placed in your hair at the salon, consider clip-on extensions. While the temporary clip-on varieties are not a long-term solution, they can quickly change up your look in a pinch. There are several high-quality brands which utilize realistic materials and ensure that the extensions stay securely in place throughout the duration of your evening.

If you’re tired of rocking the messy bun all weekend, schedule an appointment with our top Davie, Florida hair stylists today at (954) 543-0758 to reinvent your style.

5 Ways to Improve the Condition of Your Hair

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Dry scalp, split ends and breakage: these hair woes affect the best of us. In an attempt to revive this damaged and lackluster hair, many turn to excessive shampooing and heated styling tool as a remedy. Unfortunately, these tactics intended to amp up your ‘do may actually be the cause of your dull tresses. To ensure your hair is healthy and looks its best, consider these 5 strategies for improving the condition of your hair:

1. Skip the Daily Shampoo

Regardless of how fantastic your shampoo and conditioner are, the simple fact is that many people over wash their hair. This causes the hair to dry out, making it prone to split ends and breakage. Likewise, it can cause your scalp to become itchy and flakey. While there is no ideal number of times to shampoo your hair each week, seeing as each hair texture has different needs, aim to keep the number of washes to a minimum. Instead, rinse your hair with cold water between shampooing and use a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and freshen your strands.

2. Use Less Heat

Blow-drying, straightening and curling all take their toll on your luscious locks. To minimize damage caused by heat and improve the overall condition of your hair, allow your hair to air-dry as much as possible. If you are dependent on your straightening or curling iron for your go-to style, consider experimenting with new ones. There are countless ways to ensure your hair looks fabulous without using damaging heat, such as overnight curls or textured beachy waves. For days when using a blow-dryer or heating tool is a must, prep your hair first with a protective spray.

3.  Get Regular Trims

Although getting regular trims to make your locks grow faster is a method up for debate, there is no question that frequent trims keeps your hair looking fresh and healthy. Additionally, getting a trim every six to twelve weeks at your favorite South Florida hair salon can help reduce the number of split ends you experience.

4. Splurge on Hair Treatments

Services like keratin and conditioning treatments in a professional Davie Florida hair salon are certainly helpful for decreasing your level of stress after a hectic week. These treatments are not just about the sensation of being pampered, however, they can be crucial in repairing damage and infusing moisture into your hair.

5. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Aside from caring for your hair properly, one of the greatest influences in the health of your hair is your diet. For strong and shiny strands, eat a well-balanced diet that is reach in iron, proteins and vitamin B. Foods like leafy green vegetables, salon, almonds, eggs and avocados are exceptionally crucial for prime hair health.

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Skip the D.I.Y. Approach for These Styles

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Seemingly simple and inexpensive solutions to your hair woes are everywhere. From television commercials to the aisles of your local South Florida pharmacy, there is a D.I.Y. kit for every hair concern imaginable. Regardless of whether you fantasize about transforming your stick straight hair into spiral curls, hiding your grays, going platinum blonde or trying a daring new cut, the temptation for a quick fix greets you at every turn. Many of these D.I.Y. kits seem too good to be true and unfortunately, a lot of times they are. So, which ones area safe to use and which ones should you avoid?


One of the biggest D.I.Y. mistakes people make is utilizing a perm kit that is designed for at home use. For starters, these kits contain harsh chemicals which permanently alter the texture of your hair. In a salon, a professional will first evaluate the condition of your hair to ensure that it is strong and healthy enough to undergo the process. If you are not familiar with the perming process, it is all too easy to underestimate its effects and destroy your hair. Likewise, many people are unaware of just how tightly they curl their hair before applying the solution. This often results in frizzy, small curls which are not the desired result. To get the curls you are after and prevent extreme damage, skip the at home perms and consult a professional hair stylist.


Much like perms, relaxers contain chemical compounds which alter the structure of your hair molecules. If not done correctly, you can cause major damage to your vivacious locks. Relaxers and straightening treatments are best left to the pros.

Hair Colors

Generally speaking, box dyes intended for at home use are much harsher on your hair than the dye used in a professional salon. While you will receive the best results in a salon, if your hair is in good condition, you can get away with using box dyes between appointments. Be sure to keep the shade within two shades of your current color, however, to eliminate major damage or unexpected results.


If you are interested in going platinum blonde, the allure of a box bleach may be too hard to resist. You leave the pharmacy with visions of the icy platinum blonde depicted on the box dancing in your head. After applying it, however, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Instead of icy blonde, you are left with a color that somehow features fifty shades of brassy orange. This is one of the biggest problems we encounter here in our Davie Florida hair salon and it can be difficult and time consuming to correct. While we are able to tone down the brassiness, it often takes several appointments to achieve acceptable results and it can take much longer if your hair was severely damaged due to the bleaching process. If you plan to make a drastic color change, it will likely take several appointments with a professional to reach your goal. This minimizes damage and ensures the best results and although a box dye seems like a faster solution, this is one gamble that never quite pans out in anyone’s favor.

Gray Coverage

When gray hair makes an appearance, most people want to cover them immediately. As hair grows quickly, it’s no surprise that it is difficult for many to get to the salon every few weeks. There are a plethora of products designed to cover grays but permanent dyes are not always the best solution. If you do opt to cover your grays with a permanent dye, be sure to match the color of the dye to current color and only apply it to the areas where it is needed to minimize damage. Your best option, however, is to use a temporary root cover up product until you can get to the salon to avoid mismatched roots or patches.


Sharp hair cutting scissors and guides can be found at most local beauty supply stores, along with clippers and a number of other tools of the trade. These tools are great to have handy for quick and minor trims or full on buzz cuts but for a totally new style or an edgy fringe, you’re best bet is to leave it to the professionals to avoid crooked bangs or drastically uneven locks.

While at home perms or bleach kits seem harmless and fool-proof, they can cause an extensive amount of damage to your hair. From hair falling out to orange hair, we see an immense amount of clients here in our top Davie Florida hair salon who require major corrections from D.I.Y. hair attempts. The time, money and frustration involved with these corrections typically exceeds that of the original services. If you are considering making a drastic change, call (954) 543 0758 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced stylists to ensure flawless results.

Hair Hacks From a Pro

Hair Hacks From a Pro

You may not have an extensive background in cosmetology like the expert stylists at your local Davie hair salon, but that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of lackluster hair. For brilliant locks with minimal effort and know-how, explore these quick hair hacks from pro:

grey hair blower near pink hair combs and scrunchies


Try Overnight Curls

As a child, you probably remember sleeping in your braided pigtails and waking up the next morning to fascinatingly wavy hair. Unfortunately, over the years, we tend to turn to quicker solutions for styling hair such as curling irons and blow dryers which can be harmful when used in excess. Recapture this childhood phenomenon and curl your hair while you sleep. Over night curls (or waves) can be achieved using several techniques. One of the most popular is as simple as dividing your hair into four even sections and twisting each one into a small, secured bun before turning in for the night. Simply remove the clips or hair ties and reveal fabulous hassle-free curls in the morning. This is a huge time saver and reduces the amount of heat damage your locks are exposed to.

Tame Flyaways with A Toothbrush

Mastering a perfectly polished ponytail is an art form. After tediously removing any bumps or lumps, flyaways quickly become the number one enemy. Instead of redoing the style entirely, spray an old toothbrush with hair spray and use it to brush down these unruly strands. The small bristled will catch each tiny hair and the hair spray will hold them in place.

Use Cornstarch For 2nd (or 3rd) Day Hair

We’ve all been there: sudden plans and no time to wash your oily locks. While dry shampoo is a miraculous product, if you find yourself without your go-to powder, use cornstarch instead. Apply directly to the roots and allow the powder to sit for several minutes. It will absorb the oil quickly and refresh your locks. If your hair is dark, add a little cocoa powder to avoid any noticeable white specs.

Tame Frizz with Lotion

Humid South Florida weather has a way of summoning frizzy hair. Naturally, your Davie Florida hair salon has probably introduced you to a premium anti-frizz serum which keeps the frizz at bay. If you’re caught without it, however, smoothing a dab of hand lotion through your strands will work in a pinch.

Color in Your Part with Eyeshadow

For those with dark hair, a part in your hair often reveals your scalp. This creates a lot od contrast which can make your hair appear thin and stringy. By filling in this space with an eyeshadow that matches your locks, your hair will look noticeably thicker in an instant.

Do your strands need more attention than these hacks can provide? Contact us today at (954) 543-0758 to book an appointment with one of our local South Florida hair stylists.